Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Things

1)     That taco dip up there? Bananas. And typing that made me realize it might sound like the taco dip was made from bananas. Which made me a little queasy. But don’t worry! That’s totally not taco dip made from bananas (eww, seriously, just stop). It’s made with plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it is oh-so tasty. Trust me.

2)     I made one of the best discoveries of the internet in a long time at work the other day: A SOCK OF THE MONTH CLUB. Yes. Besides being in love with the concept, the name of the club, Foot Cardigan, is brilliant. (Clearly, my work study job is incredibly taxing.)

3)     Julie wrote a wonderful post about spelling bees, which I can relate to all too well (this Catholic School kid got out on the word rosary…yep…). Even now, there are words that I would mess up constantly if it weren’t for spell check: unnecessary, apologize, every time, assignment. The list goes on. Sometimes I add extra letters, sometimes I reverse them, sometimes I make two words into one. Yay, college.

4)     I always knew Kevin Gnapoor was going places.

6)     I was unaware that Parenthood was an abreviated abrreviated abbreveated abbreviated season so I watched the last episode not thinking much of it and was left HANGING OFF THE EDGE OF A CLIFF. Get it together NBC.

7)     The 12 Habits of Happy People. Things to work on.

8)     I wore the heck out of Jelly Shoes back in the day. Pink and sparkly was my drug of choice. And I am SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED that they’re coming back in style. Yusssss.

9)     I’m sorry for the all the CAPS LOCK. I’m just really excited (my world has become very small).

10)   This is going to sound uber weird, but is it possible to wake yourself up from your own snoring? Is that a thing? I think it might be. The other night I was nodding off and heard snoring and jolted awake. The snoring stopped. And I remembered I don’t have roommates. And then I realized…it was me. I had been snoring. And woken myself up. My life


  1. 1) I would almost sign up for Foot Cardigan just for a pair of those gnome socks. Almost. I'll find them somewhere!

    2) I'm more in love with Diego Klattenhoff, not only as Mike Faber, but also as Mike Callahan.

    3) That beaver waving led me to an animal waving video spree on Youtube that lasted 20 minutes.

    4) Jellies were awesome. I remember the kind that had that diamond pattern and they always had a little bit of a heel to make you feel feminine and grown up.

    5) Totally possible to wake yourself up with your own snoring, farting, talking in your sleep, drooling, etc...not like I know or anything, though. :)