Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Things

  1. I find it so funny when recipes are labeled as “Muffins with Frosting.” Umm…that’s called a cupcake. I totally encourage understand the desire to eat cake for breakfast. I also understand the guilt associated with doing that (except coffee cake, that’s totally healthy breakfast fare), but let’s call a spade a spade. Muffin + frosting = cupcake (<-- and who says I’m bad at math!).
  2. While we’re talking about cupcakes, I am SO excited to say that I am going to enter a cupcake competition later this month! It’s a haunted cupcake competition – how festive and fitting! When I made the decision the other day I was so distracted by thoughts of frosting that I didn’t take the most detailed notes in class.
  3. Clearly I need to start baking and testing recipes if I am going to come up with a winner in the next few weeks!
  4. Can we talk about the weather right now? Ridiculous! I have sweaters and boots going unused in my closet. And one of my favorite summer dresses just broke – most likely from exhaustion. Sadness.
  5. I finally did it. I got a Pinterest account. And now all I want to do is pin! All pinning all the time! But you wouldn’t know that by the looks of my boards. I have a bit of pinning anxiety. I don’t want to show everyone how uncool I am overwhelm people by the sheer magnitude of my pins.
  6. Something that overwhelms me? Working with yeast. It is such a fickle friend. I used it a few times over the summer with success, but I am even more hesitant about trying it out at school. But I desperately want to make pumpkin pull-apart bread. Decisions, decisions.
  7. All this talk about cupcakes makes me want one. Guess a picture will have to do!

Look for a post about this cupcake and others over at the Chicago Chronicles page! I am working on a new post as we speak.

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