Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     I had Chipotle for the first time today. I’ve always been anti-burrito the size of my head, but I had no idea they made such ah-mazing salads! I mean, it was delicious! And huge! Loaded with quac and corn and fresh salsa. Yummy in my tummy for sure.

2)     I submitted two recipes to a competition the dining halls on campus are hosting. If one of my recipes gets picked they’ll make and serve it to everyone at the dining halls! And there’s a little thing about getting a giftcard…

3)     I’m thoroughly enjoying a new book I’m reading. Dropping a class has given me more time to read it too.

4)     Current Pandora obsession = Gavin Degraw (does anyone even use Pandora anymore? Besides me? Has everyone else been Spotified?). It reminds me of one of my all.time.favorite shows.

5)     I made sweet potato fries. Check them out here.

6)     This info-graphic thoroughly freaked me out.

7)     So, I am now giving up sugar for a week (maybe two). Since I normally have dessert for breakfast after lunch and dinner every day, it is going to be hard. But, I’ve been eating like the world is coming to an end and figured this will probably be good for my mind, body, and soul.

8)     This picture is killing me. 

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Banana Bread Pancakes

Some Sundays I’m all about getting stuff done. Getting up early, getting a workout, shower, and a quick breakfast in before hitting the books. But, let’s be honest, those Sundays are few and far between.

Like, really far. 

I prefer my Sunday mornings to be long, lingering affairs. Hanging out in my pajamas, watching a lot little bit of Hulu, drinking my coffee. And, eating some pancakes.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     First things first, in a few short hours I will be hearing a lecture by THE PRESIDENT OF THE FOOD NETWORK. Yes, that’s right, Brooke Bailey Johnson, THE PRESIDENT OF THE FOOD NETWORK, will be speaking at a forum here at school. Typing the words makes me shake a little bit. This is why I am in school.

2)     Remember those Little Debbie Fudge Round cookie sandwiches from last Tuesday grade school? Yeah, a couple of weeks ago I made an amazing copycat version. You can find them up here.

3)     Part of the reason I’ve been so absent lately is because I’m on staff for the new food publication at school, Spoon. It’s the start of something big. And, it’s taking some time that would normally go to blogging so from time to time I’ll be posting links to my articles there to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

4)     Something satisfying my sweet tooth? Mug cakes. Or cakes in a cup. Or cups of cake. Whatever they’re called, I’ve been making them and am in love. So far I’ve made an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie one, a double chocolate peanut butter version, and one boasting graham crackers and chocolate chips (sadly, I was out of marshmallow fluff).

5)     Animals with stuffed animals. That is all.

6)     Last weekend I made this amazing dish of sautéed vegetables and baked eggs. It was the perfect mid-afternoon pseudo-dinner. I just cooked some mushrooms, peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes in olive oil until soft, made small wells to crack in eggs and covered in tons of parmesan cheese. Baked the whole pan in a 350 degree oven for about 8 minutes and voila! Veggie baked eggs.

7)     Now I’m hungry.

8)     Did I mention that THE PRESIDENT OF THE FOOD NETWORK is speaking at my school today. Excuse me while I pass out.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peanut Butter Cupcakes with White Chocolate and Pretzel Mousse

Ok, I know I’m a journalism major and all but, can I just say that writing is hard. Like, really hard. Coming up with something great and witty and inspiring? One of the most painstaking experiences ever. Not to mention the editing and rewriting and editing and rewriting. And making it coherent? Word putting together be hard stuff.

And, because I’m neurotic and can never make things easy on myself, I am also very particular about where I write. I can’t write just anywhere, oh no, that is SO not going to fly. Like my room? Nope, not going to happen. Too cramped, too stuffy. The place where I set up my laptop has got to be perfect if I am going to attempt to write.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     I have been MIA as of late. I’ve been making some changes and those changes have been taking up good chunks of my life, not leaving me a lot of time to type up witty and inspiring posts or photograph the few (lame) attempts I’ve made in the kitchen recently. I like where I am headed though, and I know good things are going to come of it. So, please, bear with me. I promise to return with sugar-laden treats soon!

2)     I have been exceptionally girly lately. And it’s been a lot of fun! *squeals*giggles*pink*sparkles* I am getting SO MANY ideas from Kate. She’s so pretty and creative, I love going to her blog for inspiration.

3)     Hearing a nine-year-old boy say “Well, when I was younger...” makes me feel ancient.

4)     I got a new camera for my birthday – and it is by far one of the coolest, greatest, bestest present I have ever gotten. Ever. I keep finding myself looking at things and taking mental “pictures” in my head. I know nothing about photography feel super professional now. I even read the owner's manual.

5)     I had to photograph something with my new camera. I got a jumbo muffin pan for my birthday too. I just put two and two together.  The results were jumbo goat cheese, fig, and honey muffins. Jumbojumbojumbo. I really like saying that word.

6)     INSTAGRAM IS FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID! I have been blowing up the Instagram feed with unnecessary pictures of tea bags and cookies.

7)     And milk shakes.

8)     To add to the uber girliness that I have been indulging in, I got a pedicure and, to my surprise, it has lasted a whole week! That has never happened before. I don’t know if it’s because I am exceptionally mean to my toes or if previous pedicures were never that great to begin with but, I typically only have cute toes for like, three days. I don’t know how, but my polish has lasted through 7 days of sandals, too-small flats, and more up-dog to down-dog combos than I can shake a stick at.

9)     I have been craving baked goods with coconut. Which is weird, because I’m not really sure if I like coconut. I’ve had it before, I know that. And I didn’t hate it. But I can’t remember what is "coconut-y" about coconut. I am trying and failing to recall that sense memory. Obviously, the logical thing to do would be to make up a batch of cookies or bars or cupcakes to remind myself.

10)     I was looking through old pictures today to update my cover photo because Facebook switched me over forcibly, and I found this gem from a vacation to New Mexico last year. Good times.

11)     One of my poor, poor friends has somehow never seen Boy Meets World before so, of course, I gave him a crash course this afternoon and we watched a few clips. This show will never, ever get old.

12)     Ever.

Happy Thursday!