Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Things

1.     Over the weekend, I decided to give up sweets for this week. Like, Monday through Friday.

2.     Five days have never taken so long.

3.     I really want a cupcake.

Not a cupcake, but pretty and tasty.

4.     No, a cookie. No, a piece of cake. No, something pumpkin spice.

5.     Looking at pictures of this pumpkin spice pull-apart bread I made a few weeks ago 

6.     This weather makes me want thick sweaters, warm blankets, and hot tea.

7.     It makes some girls want thin sweaters, ripped leggings, and giant puffy jackets that aren’t even zipped. (<-- I don’t get it.)

8.     The cupcake competition I entered is this weekend! I’ve been testing and tweaking recipes and hopefully will produce something tasty on Saturday! 

Happy Thursday!

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