Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     This morning I thought the sound of a radiator hissing was an espresso machine. It sounded I swear, milk was being frothed somewhere.

2)     Think I’m sleep deprived? And in need of caffeine?

3)     This weekend is a big kitchen weekend for me! Which I am so excited about! Tomorrow I’m testing a recipe for a Top Chef competition I’m in on Saturday night.* Then, of course I’ll be busy all Sunday prepping for a Super Bowl party!

4)    I want to make this.

5)     And these.

6)     So it would be helpful if I lived here.

7)     Have I mentioned I looooooove Pinterest?

8)     Last night I made some ridiculously delicious cookies with a little help from these.  

Happy Thursday!

*By the way, I strongly urge anyone and everyone to donate to Dance Marathon to support the Andrew McDonough Be Positive Foundation in their fight against childhood cancer.

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