Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     That whole “giving up sugar for a week” thing? Yeah, it lasted for five days. But, BUT, the only reason I broke it early was because I had to go to a restaurant to write a review for SPOON.

2)     This is what broke me.

3)     I am not ashamed.

4)     Nor was I when I had this after an ah-mazing lunch.

5)     Or bought this…and proceeded to “sample” it 27 times.

6)     It was a really good Tuesday.

7)     I’ve finally succumbed.

8)     The rain pounding on my window is beginning to turn violent. Walking home was so much fun. But not. My sandals are still soggy.

9)     Today has been beyond long, so this post is incredibly short. Womp womp.

Happy Thursday!

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