Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Quick poll: how many pairs of sweatpants are too many pairs of sweatpants? If half of my pants are sweats and/or of the yoga type variety – what does that say about me?

2)     Last Saturday I made my way to the Amish country about an hour away from my house and in addition to have some of this filled maple Bismarck that weighed approximately 12 pounds, I had two cookies and a cup of coffee. I want every breakfast to be like that.

3)     Gilmore Girls will never get old. Ever. I will watch it on SoapNet, ABC Family, the computer. Whenever, wherever. I love that show. I’m still in mourning at the show’s end even though it’s been SEVEN YEARS. No, I don’t have issues letting things go.

5)     I watched my dad make a taco for my dog as her dinner tonight. Complete with cheese and sour cream. “But, no tomatoes, because she doesn’t like tomatoes.” This is on the heels of her ice cream cone yesterday.

6)     Yes, I’m serious.

7)     At work today, my boss and I came up with a new idea for a theme park! It’s brilliant, fantastic, a surefire hit! It’s…wait for it…wait for it…CUPCAKE LAND! Perfect, right?! We had a huge (HUGE) order for cupcakes today and were calling the kitchen cupcake land and before I knew it we were making plans for a Pineapple Upside-down Coaster.

8)     I am really and truly trying to take this to heart. I want the rest of my summer, the next school year, and every day after that to have purpose. Little by little, I am breaking old (not so good for me) habits and making my way there.  

9)     Having “MMMBop” as a ringtone was a better idea in theory than in practice. People in line at the gas station did not take too kindly to Taylor, Isaac, and Zac this afternoon when I couldn’t find my phone while it rang. Loudly. I am all kinds of 1997 awesome. 

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