Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     I think there’s something so endearing to how Paula Deen starts her show “Best Dishes” so naturally. She’s holding a cup of coffee and laughing and just looks so at home (which I guess makes sense…because she’s…uhh…she’s actually in her home…). It makes me really excited to watch her.

2)     In the four years I have been a waitress, I have never ruined a piece of clothing. Besides a work short getting splattered with oil here or there I've had a remarkably clean track record. Except for these past two weeks where I have managed to sit in bleach not once, but TWICE, and ruin two pairs of my favorite pants. That’s what I get for trying to look presentable at work. 

3)     I need to read this. And then reread it. And then print it out and highlight it.

4)     I’m slowly making my way through about 5 pounds of garden fresh cherry tomatoes. I had a lot of ideas rolling around in my head for what I wanted to do with them. Like a cobbler. Or jam. Or tart of some kind. But I’ve really just been enjoying eating them by the handful. Sometimes simplicity really is key. 

5)     Do you know Kerry? You should. Her posts are always so funny. And her recipes are always mouth-wateringly delicious. Her recent Oreo Truffle Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe combined with a post about Veronica Mars? It’s like she lives in my brain or something.

6)     Speaking of Veronica Mars, I had the weirdest dream a few weeks ago. I mean, it was so weird it has stuck with me for weeks. Which is weird. And so are majority of my dreams. But this one was exceptional in its weirdness. I was Veronica Mars (yeap). I was trying to bust an old lady who was running some kind of scheme out of her barn turned funky art studio (what?). She tried to run me over with her car (it gets better). As I was running down the road to get away from her, Schmidt from New Girl showed up (yes). But he wasn’t alone, there were like 5 clones of Schmidt (double yes). And they were Amish (I don’t even know).

7)     My brain is a dark and mysterious place.

8)     I’ve begun the countdown to move-in day to my apartment. And the subsequent freak out. I’ve got so much to do! So much to pack and finalize and spray paint. I’m having heart palpatations just thinking about it.

9)     While awkwardly doing yoga at a local park yesterday morning I was lying down on the ground and looked up and all I could see were green leaves and sunlight. It was the most gorgeous sight. I’m glad I didn’t take my cell phone along – it was just me and the flow of the poses that morning – but I wish I could have snapped a picture and shown it to y’all. It was just one of those pure, happy, natural moments that everyone should experience more often.

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