Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Dear HGTV, I have a new show idea for you, it’s called “Grandma’s Garage.” Every week a new episode will showcase the home improvement and design talents of grannies across the country. Tool belts and power tools will be involved. You can thank me later.

2)     Preach, Joy.

3)     I don’t know if you saw these peaches that Jess posted yesterday but they look phenomenal. And they remind me of this burger I had way back in July (woa, almost September) that I have been day dreaming about for weeks. We took regular patties and stuffed them with Gorgonzola cheese, and grilled them to medium rare, then topped them with more cheese, red onion and balsamic braised peaches. The combo of sweet, salty, tart, and juicy was beyond ridiculous.

4)     I am a sucker for a backrub. It is one of my biggest weaknesses. My mom can attest to that, because every time she is sitting in the living room I come and plop myself in front of her and wiggle around until she starts scratching my back. So, when my sisters and I went to a spa on Monday I was in hog heaven. A body buff, hot stone massage, foot rejuvenation, and an aromatherapy scalp treatment were all capped off by an amazing lunch. It was sister bonding at its finest.

5)     The next day at work I decided there should be a rule that allows people to have 72 hours off from real life after any and all spa treatments. What’s the use of paying a bunch of money to get all the kinks and knots worked out of my muscles if they just come back the next day while I stand in front of a hot oven?

6)     Speaking of, tomorrow is my last day at the bakery. Holy moly time went fast.

7)     My grandma brought enough fruit to our house this weekend to make a few Edible Arrangements so I’m looking for ways to use it up. One of the ways I have been making my way through the produce is salsa. I made a nectarine salsa that is by far my favorite fruit salsa to date. I took my blueberry kiwi salsa recipe and subbed out the blueberries and kiwi for two nectarines and used a whole jalapeno to get a real contrast of spicy and sweet. Yum, yum.

8)     I’m planning on making some crockpot meals I can take down to school in a few weeks and am looking for some ideas. The issue though, is that I’ve never been a huge fan of what comes out of crockpot. The food has just never appealed to me. Except the crockpot dulce de leche from a can of sweetened condensed milk, now that I can get behind. Anywho...if anyone has some really amazing crockpot recipes that keep in the freezer well, please share!  

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