Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Let’s get this over with…PUMPKIN SPICE IS BACK!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. CANNOT STOP DRINKING. I LUUUUUUUUUUV PUMPKIN SPICE! *faints with a face covered in ground cinnamon, clutching a coffee cup*

2)     Yes, I am that clichéd. Yes, I am that one-track minded and unoriginal. I want fall just like every other person out there. I am professing my love for the upcoming season much like the rest of the internet. Oh well.

3)     I can’t stop the Fall Train anyways, I’m making my first trip down to school in two days. And because of that I was gone for 12 hours (yes, TWELVE) running errands and buying last minute things for my apartment. It has been a long day.

4)     While I was packing this week I found a bunch of old issues of Food Network Magazine. Like, two years’ worth. Before I could consider if I had a hoarding problem, I began flipping through them and rediscovered some recipes and ideas that I had flagged as interesting and promptly forgot when the next issue came. Seeing all these recipes kept me from packing made me want to focus more on cooking from the books, magazines, and recipe collections I already have. I don’t do that enough.  

5)     Don’t think a short workout can make an impact? Think again. What I did this morning took me only about 20 minutes, including warm up and cool down, and the actual workout portion took me just over 7 minutes. Try this the next time you’re short on time: after a quick warm up that includes some light cardio and stretching, do 25 reps of weighted squats into an overhead press (I used 10 pound hand weights and was sufficiently challenged, but go higher or lower in weight depending on where you are physically) immediately followed by 50 jumps with a jump rope. Repeat this cycle 4 times as fast as possible. Yes, that’s it. Just that one pair of exercises four times. Cool down and stretch afterwards.  Trust me, you’ll feel the work.

6)     Finding Nemo in 3D. Oh yes.

7)     Apple Pie Bread. Yes, apple.pie.bread. It’s totally a thing.

8)     Damn you, Ulta and your 21 Days of Beauty. Damn you (but not really)!

9)     Now that my return to campus is imminent, something that has been bugging me all summer really can’t be ignored any longer. See, when I first went away to school, I kept thinking that people I saw on campus were people from my hometown. I kept finding my friends’ doppelgangers at the student union or spying my old biology teacher in line at the grocery store. Everywhere I looked I spied a stranger who at first glance was an old friend. It’s like my brain was trying to acclimate itself to a new surrounding by putting familiar faces in it. That was bothersome three years ago, but even more annoying now is that the roles have reversed. I’m not seeing people from back home at school anymore, no, I’m seeing people from school in my hometown! It’s totally thrown me for a loop.

10)     Wow, that’s a lot of writing up there. I apologize. 

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