Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     "You’ve Got Mail" is one of my new favorite movies. I’m only 14 years behind on that one. Better late than never I guess. Thanks for that Amazon Prime, youda best.

2)     We were listening to this at work the other day. I know I have his CD somewhere in my room. I will be digging it out over Thanksgiving break and listening to it on repeat. 

3)     Am I the only one who makes eye contact anymore?! Honestly though, why will no one look me in the eye while walking? Everyone’s looking at the ground or on their phones. And the worst offenders are people I know, because we had class or a discussion section together. No, we weren’t super close, but we bonded over our creepy TA or the ridiculous reading assignments. At least I thought we had, until you almost threw your back out trying to avoid my gaze. Why?! Is it so hard to smile and nod?!

4)     In situations like the one above, I maintain eye contact and refuse to look away. “I know you know me!” I want to shout. But I find a steady gaze to be far more effective at making people uneasy. And if you’re going to try and ignore me I’m going to try and make you as uncomfortable as possible. 

5)     Getting caught talking, laughing, singing, or dancing by yourself in your car by another driver is only as embarrassing as you make it. I know this from recent experience.

6)     Reason number 815,714 I love home so much: my mom has a candy drawer. An entire DRAWER in our kitchen devoted to candy. And while it’s normally well stocked to begin with, after Halloween it is absolutely bananas. My momma can buy markdown candy like nobody’s business. There’s so much of it we’ve got an overflow bowl of candy in the living room. It’s heaven. Or a recipe for diabetes. One of the two.

7)     This weekend I’m slated to participate in a brownie competition. I’ve baked so many pans of brownies in the past month I’ve gone through multiple canisters of cocoa powder. I didn’t think that was possible. 

8)     Oh, hi there number four

9)     Wanna see how I roast squash? Go here!

10)    I have been using Bath and Body Works’ Vanilla Bean Noel lotion for years. I use it all year round and usually have a bottle or two stashed somewhere just in case of emergencies. Imagine my complete and utter joy when I discovered this guy last weekend while out with a friend.

11)    I’m giving the whole lipstick thing a try. I bought some sample colors at Sephora thanks to that damn impulse purchase aisle you have to stand in to checkout. But I keep forgetting that I’m wearing lipstick. Until I eat or drink something and am startled by the ring of color leftover from my lips. Like when I ate a pulled pork sandwich yesterday. It was terrifying. 

12)    Standard, but amazing, Buzzfeed list. Because I have a problem. 

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