Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Bobby pins that are missing those little rubber coating things are practically impossible to get out of hair. And even more impossible to get out of hair that’s been curled and hairsprayed to the high heavens. And painful when jabbed into your scalp.

2)     I sign up for AllRecipes Pie Countdown newsletter every year.  They show a new pie every day and the little baking pie animation is just too cute! At least I think so, maybe because it combines two of my favorites things – cartoons and pie. And yet, I’ve only made a pie once for Thanksgiving. Sad, I know, but it changes this year folks!

3)     I have mixed feelings about these “secret boards” on Pinterest. Part of me is giddy that I can pin all the pictures of a shirtless Channing Tatum and slightly inappropriate someecards that I want, but the other, super neurotic and paranoid, part of me is convinced that someone, somewhere can see my board and is sitting there, judging me, mocking me. And I still refuse to make a wedding board. No, just no.

4)     The brownie competition went really well! I didn’t win, but I didn’t think I would. That's not what it was about anyways. I’m really proud of all the competitors and the recipes they created, there was some seriously stiff competition. Elizabeth totally deserved first place, you go girl!

5)     ONLY A WEEK UNTIL THE BIG DAY. I cannot, cannot, CANNOT wait for next Thursday. And I get to leave school on Tuesday, so I’m getting two bonus days of free laundry free food free cable quality family time.

6)     If Thanksgiving is only a week away that means Black Friday is only eight days away! While I do love the shopping aspect of it (umm…duh?) I'm most excited because it’s an entire day I get to spend with my sisters, which feels really rare these days. We'll be overtired, hopped up on coffee, cold, and sometimes hysterical. And it will be wonderful.

7)     The day after Thanksgiving is also when I start listening to Christmas music and won’t stop until the new year.

8)     This will also be my first Christmas in my apartment. I was so excited about the decorating prospects that I bought pink twinkle lights in August. And I want to get a pink tree. Or a white one with tinsel already attached to it. I have impeccable taste, let me tell you.

9)     Make some chocolate banana bread, keep yourself from eating the entire loaf for two days, and make breakfast for a friend. Include coffee, fried eggs, and a cow creamer. Feels good. Trust me.

10)   Am I the only one that still longingly wishes there were new episodes of Lizzie McGuire? Or that misses Gordo? Maybe I’m just feeling that way because I’ve been listening to Hillary Duff’s album, Metamorphosis, on loop.  “Come Clean” was like the song in middle school, mainly because it was the theme song for Laguna Beach (gosh, I miss that show), but the music video is my fav! The candles, the awkward running in the rain, and that sweater! Oh how I wanted that sweater!

11)   I never thought I would have so much to say about Hillary Duff. Not sure how to feel about that. 

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  1. Oh my goodness. Thank you for putting this music video back into my life. I LOVED Lizzie McGuire. And yes... that sweater was everything. Anyway, I've downloaded most of her CD and am 14 again so thank you for that. P.S. It's my first Christmas in my apartment too! I've been buying decorations since August! Totally obsessed.