Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Currently working my way through Dawson’s Creek (again). It’s really the only logical thing to do when I’ve got three finals in the next week. And I’ve been sitting in my apartment watching these episodes oscillating between complete and total agony at how stilted and terrible and overdone this show is and being near tears the entire time because the teenage angst is just all too familiar. Ugh. Too much.

2)     Know what else is too much? Tearing up in a nail salon. Yes, that’s right. Real tears, real crying. See, the nail salon I go to plays chick flicks on loop, which is normally very entertaining (who doesn’t love a little “Sweet Home Alabama” with their pedicure?), but not today. Today, I just sat there with my hands under the dryer trying (unsuccessfully) to not openly weep during the end of “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” I failed...

3)     I ate cookies for lunch today. Just cookies. ‘Tis the season, right? And I can’t decide if that’s better or worse than yesterday when I just ate the cookie dough.

4)     Better than both cookie based meals? This pumpkin pie stuffed pretzel. Yes, a PUMPKIN PIE STUFFED PRETZEL. Mull that over for a little while.

5)     I got that beauty above when I went to the Christkindlmarket with my family on Tuesday. It’s a yearly tradition. They come down at the end of classes, we head into the city enjoy the wintery sights and stop in Macy’s to ogle the Christmas decorations. It’s magical and wonderful and necessary.

6)     These cappuccino-candied almonds are also necessary. For my mental health. So good. So, so, so, so, so good.

7)     I can't look away. And I'm not sure I want to. 

8)     Dave Barnes is currently heavy on my Christmas music rotation. Get into it y’all.

9)     I have an unnatural affection for cookie butter, and Julie’s recipe for Sandy Buddies just upped the ante. Big time. Plus, Julie is just a doll, peruse her site, seriously.

10)   Someone else loves Mindy as much as I do.

11)   Pacey Witter fo' life, btw. 


  1. Confession: I have never watched Dawson's Creek. I mean, I saw a few episodes here and there in middle school, but never really got into it. I keep thinking about watching all the seasons just to understand what a Pacey is... but it's overwhelming. Isn't there like six seasons? Also: Dave Barnes is my secret Christmas love. I'm so glad someone else knows of him.

    1. Yeah, there's quite a lot of tv watching in your future if you decide to go down the path of DC, but I think it's worth it. Then again, I was also trying my hardest not to study for finals ;)

      And Dave Barnes is just fantastic! Listening to his, Elliott Yamin's, and both of Michael Buble's Christmas albums is the perfect combination for cookie baking. At least so far!