Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     How long can I get away with eating cookies, cake, and/or leftover Christmas candy for breakfast (and lunch and dinner). According to my calculations, New Years. Just in time to start those resolutions! And, in my defense, sometimes the cookies are just appetizers I scarft down while I’m waiting to finish making cinnamon sugar toast.

2)     I was helping my grandma with something on her Facebook and I noticed that she had more notifications and messages than me. I am getting out social media-ed by my grandmother. What am I doing with my life?

3)     Two of my favorite Christmas presents from this year’s haul: a personalized, hand-painted kettle bell (pink, naturally) and the meat grinding/sausage making attachment for my KitchenAid. Score.

4)     On that note, why does the Christmas music cease on December 26? Where do all the decorations go so quickly (they were up right after Halloween for goodness sake)? Why are there already Valentine’s Day cards and banners and merchandise littering the aisles of stores? I’m still Christmasing people, lay off!

5)     Today I had coffee with one of my best friends. She gave me a CD. That she recorded. I have very, very talented friends.

6)     These pictures are making so many of my childhood dreams come true.

7)     This makes me hopeful for next year.

8)     23 Signs You're a Premature Old Person (alternate title: You're name is Amanda and you ate dinner at 4:30 today)

9)     I could post about a dozen more lists from Buzzfeed or Though Catalog but I’m tired from a day of reading Harry Potter and working (and I’m lazy and that’s kinda boring after awhile).

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