Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Apple A Day...

Two things to start off Tuesday

1) I have a cold. Not necessarily a big deal, people get sick all the time, but it has definitely put writing a post on the back burner. Plus, it is always a little harder to be sick away from home. All I wanted this weekend was for my mom to be around to rub my back and tuck me in. My mom is almost four hours away, so a phone call had to suffice.

2) Nyquil causes me to have the strangest dreams. Like, really, really, weird. Think Criminal Minds, meets the Office, meets my high school career. It has made for some interesting nights of sleep these past few days. Now that I am almost completely out of my Nyquil stupor, I am ready to get down to business!

Spinach and Feta croissant - no apples, but SO tasty :)
I think the exclamation point on the sign says enough...

Mother Nature was on my side this weekend. The forecast going into Saturday called for clouds, thunderstorms and possibly hail! Not necessarily ideal conditions for an outdoor festival. But somehow, we were blessed with wonderful weather in the morning! Not too hot, not too cold, a light breeze that made the cup of coffee in my hands the perfect accessory. The rain held out until we had just left. I believe they call that kismet.

Best. Pie. Ever.

The fates can also be responsible for me getting to have a slice of apple pie (with homemade whipped cream!) at 8:30 in the morning. Pie for breakfast? I want that to be my life every day. I don’t like crowds, so we got to Apple Fest very early to walk around and get the lay of the land before things got too hectic. I am glad I got the pie when I did because they sold out before noon! 

The Apple Harvest Crepe - sauteed apples, ham, brie and candied walnuts. Just look at that cheesey goodness. 

We walked around and saw all the booths. There were crafts, jewelry dealers, activities for kids, even a doggie costume contest (<-- hi, yeah, that’s weird). The only thing I spent money on was food…go figure. There was so much to get that sadly I didn’t taste everything, though if my pants budget had allowed, I SO would have. 

Apple Fritters that may have been the size of my face. Each.

I know that I have been fighting fall, despite my love for it. But this weekend I jumped onto the fall bandwagon. Hard. And I don’t intend on falling off anytime soon. Besides all the great food eaten at the festival, I bought some apples and cider to make some culinary concoctions of my own, look out for those posts soon!

Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake. Perfect way to end the day. Sigh.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away I should be good for a decade or so!

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