Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Things

  1. I am so tired of people tweaking their orders at Starbucks to change a latte into a cappuccino. Ordering a latte “extra dry” (meaning more foam, thus making it a cappuccino) doesn’t make you sound fancy or sophisticated – it makes you sound high maintenance! Viva la cappuccino!
  2. I am going to see the Lion King in 3D on Saturday! I am so excited to relive part of my childhood!
  3. The Big Bang Theory premieres tonight but I am going to miss it because the cable in my dorm is out. I am going through serious TV withdrawals, I have the shakes and sweats. It’s really not pretty.
  4. Classes haven’t been in session for a week yet and I’m already behind on my reading. But, in my defense my books just came in the mail today.
  5. After I finish my third load of laundry tonight I am going to work on a new cookie recipe.
  6. I now know why I am behind on my work…
  7. This weekend I am going to Apple Fest. I cannot wait! Nothing says fall like crisp, fresh apples! I am going to drink cider and eat a caramel apple and buy SO many fresh apples to make delicious, delicious treats. The great thing is that it’s for class to boot!
  8. I don’t have class tomorrow! Yay for three-day weekends!


  1. wanted to let you know that you have a reader who's only just discovered how delightful your blog is. :) you're adorable... and i definitely want to try your recipes! the cupcake post, oh my goodness. you dormestic goddess!

  2. Thank you! You can never go wrong with cupcakes! Ever.