Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Things

1)     I’m back! And I feel so much better than a week ago. It’s really amazing how different our bodies can feel in only seven days. Even in just one day! I went spinning this morning and haven’t felt so good in quite a while.

2)     Adding to my feel good mood – it’s snowing here! Finally! It’s just a few flurries, nothing major, but it’s enough to make me giddy.

3)     I want to listen to this alldaylong.

4)     Remind me of these happy feelings above when I’m lamenting about the cold and wet come January.

5)     The snow did give me an excuse to wear my new winter hat. Finally!

6)     As part of my 30 Day Photo Challenge I took more pictures of leaves. Well…what’s left of them. Follow along here!

7)     Starbucks has holiday cups again! Oh happy day! 

8)     In my festive cup this morning I got a latte with one pump toffee nut and one pump caramel. Kinda reminiscent of salted caramel and kinda addicting.

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Hello Amanda,
    I wish you a wonderful day.