Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Today is the day. February 14. The day when we have to shower our loved ones with gifts and adorations and goodies, the bigger the better. If there isn’t a horse-drawn carriage, diamonds the size of tennis balls, and an acoustic band quietly playing Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” in the background while doves fly overhead then I’m not interested.

Unless there’s dessert.

I know the pressure put on Valentine’s Day. To say and do the right thing for fear of disappointing the ones we care about most. But here’s the thing, if we care about them so much and they (in theory) feel the same, shouldn’t we want to show them everysingleday why they mean so much to us?

That’s not saying I’m not in favor of having one special day a year where we go above and beyond the call of duty and do something particularly fantastic for our special someone. But, can we just chill out for a second? Relax, take a deep breath, and eat some chocolate?

These Chocolate Covered Strawberries epitomize how I feel about Valentine’s Day. The ordinary and everyday but dressed up a little. Naturally sweet and wholly delicious. A little bit of effort to make something special but not stressful, just enjoyable. And, of course, PINK!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

1 pint ripe strawberries, freshly washed and dried

2 cups (12 oz.) chocolate chips, any flavor. Use semi-sweet, dark, milk, or white chocolate. Or a mixture.

Sprinkles, optional

Line a baking sheet with waxed or parchment paper, set aside.

In a microwave safe bowl, microwave chocolate for one minute, stir. Microwave at 10 – 15 second intervals, stirring after each until chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Allow to cool slightly.

Dip strawberries in chocolate, letting excess drip off. Quickly sprinkle with sprinkles (duh?) and place on prepared baking sheet until set.

Enjoy right away or store in fridge until ready to eat. Remove 20 – 30 minutes before eating to allow chocolate to soften.

This is what love looks like.


  1. "Unless there’s dessert." And unless it contains chocolate as an ingredient. Strawberries are just a bonus. ćƒ„

    1. That they are! But a wonderful bonus, to be sure!