Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Almost a week later and I still find this guy cute as a button! I could just eat him up!

2)     I could also eat some more milk and honey ribs from SaporiTraitoria. Yeah, dairy and sweet and meat all in one dish, sounds a little weird right? But I can honestly say it was one of THE BEST meals I have ever had. EVER. I want to go back and get more. Like, yesterday.

3)     If I don’t get more ribs I can always eat another cupcake that my boyfriend made me for Valentine’s Day. Red velvet (one of my favorites) with cream cheese frosting (my favorite, favorite)!

4)     My mouth is now watering.

5)     Yesterday I tried fooling around with a one bowl, single serving cookie recipe. I ended up eating with six cookies – that’s one serving right?

6)     This was my morning. Still warm blueberry scone, a caramel cappuccino, and my nook. I want every day to start like this.

7)     I got weird looks from my café-mates when I took that picture. Some people will just never understand.

Happy Thursday!

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