Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Downloaded the Pinterest app on my phone. Life = over.

2)     Speaking of Pinterest, I am attempting to organize my Food board by dividing it up into a bunch of other smaller boards that have sub categories. So far I have a Cakes, Cupcakes, and Breakfast board done. Clearly, I prioritized.

3)     I wanted all of these when I was younger. Espeically 3. Those were fun until I was too big for them. And even then they only became less fun because I had to hunch and bunch and sqeeze myself into that tiny cab. I would still drive one now if my achy old knees would allow it. No shame.

4)     This matte finish top coat is fan.tas.tic.

5)     There are some days when a girl just needs to buy half a dozen doughnuts and share them with her family and friends. Today was one of those days.

6)     I also shared them with myself.

7)     That Lowe’s commercial where it shows the couple doing renovations in slow motion looks like a lot of fun. I sometimes wish I could have slow-mo in real life. Also montages. Montages in real life would be awesome. Like in “The Devil Wears Prada” where Anne Hathaway’s character is walking around NYC streets looking fabulous in all these different coats. That could be my life on loop and I would be totally fine with that.

8)     After a roller coaster weekend I am officially moved in a mostly settled into my apartment. I could not have done it without my family and friends helping me, we managed to get the trailer unloaded in only 30 minutes and I was unpacked in less than two days.

9)     Perhaps the unpacking went so fast because I somehow, kinda, sorta, maybe, might’ve left my clothes at home. I was left with pajamas and grungy workout clothes for three days until I could get back to rescue them. *Facepalm*

10)    So, what am I wearing now that I have my closet at my disposal once again? You guessed it, sweatpants and an old work shirt. *Facepalmsquared*

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