Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fresh From the Farm

This isn’t a recipe. This isn’t a random list that I find hilarious and/or completely true. This isn’t a review. This is just me, expressing my love for fresh eggs. Like, straight from the chicken in the backyard to the container in my fridge kinda fresh.

A family friend has about a dozen chickens that run around his property and he’s always giving us eggs. I had never really thought much of it until a few weeks ago when I had to use one fresh egg and one store-bought egg for a recipe. Lo and behold the difference I saw when I cracked the eggs into a bowl! The store-bought was considerably smaller and the yolk was much paler compared to the near neon orange-ness of the fresh egg. And the taste! If you’ve never had a fresh egg I can’t even accurately describe it – it’s rich and buttery and just so…so…fresh. (Yes, I need a new adjective to describe the eggs, no I’m not going to use one because they are, indeed, fresh!)

So, here’s to backyard chickens and the eggs they bring!

Happy Wednesday, all!

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