Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Went to my first Farmer’s Market of the fall on Tuesday morning! I got up extra early to catch the train to one of my favorite neighborhoods and had an absolute blast. And came away with quite the haul.

2)     61 pumpkin and apple recipes. I’m so there.

3)     All this fig action is driving me mad. Fig and brown sugar, yum. Fig and chocolate, yummy yum yum. This is why breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, y’all.

4)     This is absolutely precious. And kind of cruel.

5)     Continuing the tradition of lists that make me feel old.

6)     This too.

7)     I have jumped on the skinny jean train. I’m so far on the train I’m practically the conductor. Yes, I’ll admit it. Yes, it’s a fad. Yes, they’re so 80s. Yes, it’s not a style a lot of people can pull off (my five-foot-three, stumpy-legged self certainly probably included), but I don’t care! Skinny jeans make boots easier to wear, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

8)     A fashion trend I cannot get behind though, is this whole crop-top, longer in the back and showing tummy in the front shirt thing. What?! I’m sorry, but how is that attractive?! No one needs to be seeing my stomach. At all. Ever. Especially if I’ve squished and lunged and squatted myself into a pair of skinny jeans.

9)     I didn’t have any spaghetti the other night so I broke up some lasagna noodles for an impromptu dinner and I have o say, it was pretty great. Maybe even better than using regular noodles.

10)   Musically my life has been consumed with Mumford & Sons’ new album, Babel. It is phenomenal. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for about a week now and it just keeps getting better. And when I tried to not listen to it and put my iTunes on shuffle this afternoon it kept playing holiday and Christmas songs one after the other, which was unnerving and yet oddly welcomed.

11)   Getting coffee post-farmer’s market, I saw this sign and couldn’t agree more. Isabella Beeton was a brilliant woman. 

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