Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     333 Reasons Why Being A 90's Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off?!?! I want to shout a resounding "YES!" to every item on this list.

2)     With school, work, and other duties starting to get the best of me my stress level is rising. I really needed this little reminder from my tea this morning.

3)     After being sick for a week it was SO great to get an intense workout in this morning. I’ve been resigned to only yoga the past few days because my sinuses and muscles couldn’t handle much else. Actually feeling the endorphin rush post-workout just makes me all the more excited for my next sweat session.

4)     Please tell me you watched Modern Family yesterday! That was an hour of pure gold. Easily two of the best episodes the series has produced.

5)     My hands are already feeling the effects of the drop in temperature. They’re starting to crack and be super dry and gross…can’t wait to see what winter brings!

6)     I enjoyed this beauty for breakfast on Tuesday. Best $2 I’ve spent in awhile.

7)     How did I just find out about this?! I’m going to stockpile this in my freezer. And buy more elastic waist pants and flowy tops.

8)     Planning on seeing Hotel Transylvania with a friend this weekend and I cannot wait. This movie is soooooo far up my alley.

8.5)  P.S. – I totally spelled Transylvania right on the first try and without spell check! It’s the little things people.

9)     Which means I’m probably going to end up watching this movie and this movie this weekend too.

10)    But maybe not since, MY DAD IS COMING TO VISIT ON SATURDAY! I’m pretty excited about that.

11)    I have an unnatural affection for cornbread. Even though I don’t eat or make it often. But I just LOVE the stuff. When I do make it I will literally eat the whole pan if given an ample supply of honey and butter. Needless to say, this make-your-own cornbread mix is going to be happening soon.

12) Yes, it’s a thing. Yes, they’re having a sale. You have been warned.

13)    I’m one of the biggest proponents of Fall. And all the stereotypes that it encompasses. The Onion found the perfect man for me (too bad he's technically taken).

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