Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Things

1)     Whenever I finish a workout I’m always torn – do I jump in the shower right away and just get it over with or do I eat something first? There are pros and cons to both decisions, and I legitimately pathetically struggle over it! If I shower before I eat then I’m absolutely ravenous by the time I get around to eating and I typically try to eat some protein within 30 minutes of finishing my workout. BUT, if I don’t shower right away and eat a leisurely breakfast and make coffee and start dinking around on my laptop, I get too comfy and lazy and don’t want to get out of my workout clothes; dry, disgusting sweat not withstanding.

2)     I feel like a legitimate cook when I’ve got “battle wounds.” Like the burn on my forearm from a wayward cake pan. During the entire summer I never once burned myself at the bakery, and now, at school, I burn myself. Go figure.

3)     I am digging the song “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan. In part, because it’s Bob Dylan. And in another part, because it’s the theme for Parenthood. Color me obsessed.

4)     Supposedly, the new issue of Food Network Magazine is a double issue devoted to the holidays. I wouldn’t know for certain though because my issue hasn’t come in the mail yet! But my family got theirs back home. I check my mailbox every time I walk in or out of my building in the hopes that the magazine fairy has delivered it. No dice. This is a hard way to learn the value of patience. I’m going nuts here.

5)     Sweatpants work just as good as napkins when you're in a bind. Just FYI.

6)     I love the smell of new Vibrams on a cool autumn day.

7)     Too many of my sentences start with “I was looking at/browsing/on Pinterest and saw…”

8)     These pretzels? Ridonkulus.

9)   This weekend was a weekend of sandwiches. Not only did I have an absolutely delicious caprese grilled cheese but I also had this beauty, dubbed “Taking Care of Business.” And I took care of it. Fo sho.

10)   It was also the weekend of care packages. Thank you Sam and Emily, I adore the packages! And the two of you!

11)   Numbers 1, 6, and 8…I can’t even deal. 

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