Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Things

1)     Grandma and I got all kinds of Southern the other day and made shrimp n grits. And then I ate myself silly. Frying the shrimp in bacon grease? A revelation. 

2)     I’ve reached a new low in Google searching. I’m desperate to know what song is playing during the preview for Broken City. It’s got the catchiest beat. Only problem is…there are no discernible lyrics, just kinda noises and half words. I attempted to find out song by typing in “heyeyey ohoh uhuh song lyrics.” It didn’t work.

3)     I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority here but I adore the banana flavored Runts candies. And banana Laffy Taffy. They’ve always been my sister’s and my favorite, to the point where our dad hid them on us until all the less appealing flavors were gone.

4)     I scored “Inception,” “The Town,” and “50/50” on DVD yesterday all for less than $20. This is just going to feed my JGL (that’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt for those out of the loop) obsession. Wonderful.

5)     Watching “Premium Rush” helped too. So.many.movies.

6)     Truth.

7)     They better come out with a women’s version of these. And soon. I’ve got an internship to prepare for.

9)     Trying to come up with items for this weeks list is a painful reminder of a) how I have to go back to school on Sunday, b) how incredibly boring I am, (like I didn’t already know that when I was in bed by 10:30 on NYE.) Sorry folks.  

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  1. #2 song name is Power: