Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Things

1)     I can barely say the name of Manny’s site, but Gastrofotonomia is worth a look! Those pictures? Ridonkulus. 

2)     Regina George’s Laptop. HA! All the credit for this goes to Jess.

3)     At what age is one too old to be eating Disney Princess Vitamins? Just curious…

4)     To balance out the childishness of the vitamins I’ve been acting like an adult (sort-of) and doing my homework. I’ve had class for four days and have done homework three of them! I think that’s more than last quarter’s work combined. Look at me, being all responsible and whatnot. 

5)     It helps that these books are technically part of my homework.

6)     And these magazines.

7)     I got flannel sheets over break since my apartment turns into an expensive refrigerator over night and figured they would keep me warm. I mainly got them for the snowflake print (typical). I have bad memories of trying to sleep in flannel sheets as a child and feeling like I was wrapped in really warm sandpaper. I was an idiot as a child. Flannel sheets are da best. I’ve also started wearing flannel pajamas to really put the comfort factor over the top, static electricity notwithstanding. 

8)     My beautiful, wonderful best friend from home is coming to visit this weekend! Having friends with varying break schedules is one of the few bonuses of the quarter system.

9)     How is it that nearly every shirt I want to wear suddenly has a stain on it? Some are identifiable (like coffee) and some aren’t (I don’t even want to know), but they’re all frustrating. Thank goodness my momma got me a kick butt shirt for Christmas.

10)   Think the word “asbestos” wouldn’t work in a song? Think again. Old Blue Eyes some how made it work

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